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Student Health ELearning Program

Click the link above and the program will open in a new window. If you get an error message at the top of your screen, righ click and 'allow popups'. 

This resource is designed for teachers. By completing this program you will:

  • be able to describe the school's duty of care to its students in relation to their health
  • be able to outline your responsibilities as a teacher in supporting students with their health needs
  • understand that school policies and procedures relating to student health are based on legislative requirements
  • have a basic understanding of four key conditions that affect students
  • know that some students have an individual health care plan and know what this means
  • understand that some students require medication while they are at school and have an outline of the school's responsibility to support these students
  • be able to outline basic issues relating to immunisation, handling animals at school, infectious conditions and First Aid

The content on these student health web pages, and that on sites linked to, provides only general information and does not represent either formal legal or medical advice. Schools using this website will still need to consider when specific legal and/or medical advice may need to be obtained.