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The Department of Education portal is located here

Nominated Super Users have been provisioned at each school.  These are generally the Principal and Assistant Principal.  It is their responsibility to ensure access for other staff members.

These crib sheets will assist Super Users. 

e-learning program

Click the link above and the program will open in a new window. If you get an error message at the top of your screen right click and 'allow popups'.

This resource is designed for Principals and designated Superusers. By completing this program you will be able to:

  • identify the roles and responsibilities of the agencies involved in SMART
  • perform key tasks using AMU and SMU in the DEC portal
  • update the CEC NSW database
  • assist authorised staff to access and use SMART
  • answer user questions about using SMART.

Your feedback wanted

After reviewing the e-learning program please complete this 5 minute questionnaire.