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Bishop Patrick Murphy

Bishop Patrick Murphy, previously Bishop of the Diocese of Broken Bay, completed his term as Chairman of the Catholic Education Commission on 16 November 1994, having taken up the position on 14 August 1985.

He brought to the Commission the benefit of long experience in Catholic education as teacher, parish priest and bishop. Possessing a strong sense of the core mission of the Catholic school, he ensured that the CEC remained true to its mission and that it never lost sight of the fact that its work was ultimately for the betterment of students.

During his period as Chairman, the Commission developed into a highly professional body with a well-organised and structured Secretariat. In particular, under Bishop Murphy the Commission came to operate with an agreed Charter and Mission Statement, and developed clearly defined and delimited responsibilities within the Catholic school community. Bishop Murphy was always interested in the work of the Commission and the people involved in carrying out its work. He was always keen to promote the community dimension of Catholic schooling which gave rise to many initiatives including the newly-formed Council of Catholic School Parents.

As Chairman of the Commission, Bishop Murphy had a high public profile within the NSW educational community where he earned the respect of Premiers, Ministers for Education and senior educationists for his incisive and gracious approach to issues. For Commissioners he proved to be a decisive leader, a good listener, and keen participant. For the Secretariat and its staff he was always available and open, encouraging and caring; his presence and personal support were greatly appreciated by the staff.

Bishop Murphy passed to God on the 18 March 2007.