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CEC Charter

CEC NSW Charter - November 2008

NSW Catholic Block Grant Authority (CBGA) Charter - March 2010

Summary of CEC Charter:


The Catholic Education Commission of New South Wales (CEC NSW) is established by the Bishops of NSW and is responsible to them for co-ordination and representation in Catholic education at the NSW State level.

The Commission also provides leadership in Catholic education, through service to Dioceses, Religious Institutes and Parents. It functions through consultation with Diocesan Directors, Religious Institutes, Principal and Parent associations.

The Commission will witness to its own commitment to Christ as part of the Church's mission of education in faith and will model and promote a faith relationship with Christ.

The Commission has no authority to become involved in the administration of Diocesan system schools or Congregational schools, except in relation to funding contract management.


The primary object of the CEC is to assist Catholic Schools Authorities (Diocesan Catholic Education/Schools Offices and Congregational schools) with the provision of Catholic School Education and related services. In this regard, CEC promotes the Catholic faith through religious and general education within New South Wales. The focus of CEC is primarily on Catholic Primary and Secondary Schools.

The CEC is to fulfil its object by:

1.3.1 Developing State-wide education policies and commissioning/publishing research materials, which contribute to the:

a) betterment of education in all Catholic Schools;
b) maintenance of the Catholic ethos in education; and
c) enhancement of the quality of education generally;

1.3.2 Supporting Catholic Schools Authorities;

1.3.3 Liaising with and coordinating Catholic Schools Authorities, especially in relation to grant administration and curriculum/assessment directed by governments;

1.3.4 Liaising with the Council of Catholic School Parents, Association of Catholic School Principals, Conference of Leaders of Religious Institutes, National Catholic Education Commission and other State Catholic Education Commissions;

1.3.5 Providing guidance to Catholic educators and fostering understanding and co-operation between the various administrative components of Catholic education including parents, parish priests, teachers, administrators and other supporters;

1.3.6 Providing advocacy for Catholic Schools with:

a) governments;
b) parliaments;
c) boards of studies;
d) other education bodies;
e) employer groups;
f) the media; and
g) the general public;

1.3.7 Providing advice to the NSW Bishops on education issues and related advocacy matters;

1.3.8 Developing cooperative links with other education institutions, both government and non government;

1.3.9 Representing Catholic Schools Authorities in education and other general forums of relevance to the sector;

1.3.10 Negotiating with governments for grants in support of Catholic Schools;

1.3.11 Acting as the Contract Authority with governments on behalf of Catholic Schools Authorities and individual Catholic schools where necessary; and

1.3.12 Any other object which is ancillary to the objects referred to in clauses 1.3.1 to 1.3.11.