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More diversity needed in education leadership: 2018 Br John Taylor Fellow
14 December 2017
An Aboriginal Catholic educator has today called on school authorities to do more to identify and develop leaders from culturally diverse backgrounds.

Catholic schools welcome National School Resourcing Board appointments
2 November 2017
Catholic Schools NSW (CSNSW) today welcomed the appointments made to the new National School
Resourcing Board (NSRB), describing them as a good assembly of skilled Australians.
Catholic Education Commission NSW (CECNSW) today in principle backed a Federal Government initiative aimed at identifying students in need of additional literacy and numeracy support, but warned against a one-size-fits-all approach. 
$25,000 on offer for Catholic educators to research teaching topics
7 August 2017
Catholic school educators are invited to apply for an opportunity to travel overseas to research a
subject that will help schools meet a present or future challenge.
1 August 2017
The NSW Government has allocated $2.2 million to NSW Catholic schools to help fund the
provision of intensive English language classes for newly arrived refugee students from war-torn
Syria and Iraq.
Labor’s local infrastructure plan puts all schools on equal footing
29 July 2017
The NSW Opposition’s plan to exempt not-for-profit, non-government schools from paying
infrastructure contributions to local councils will free up millions of dollars each year to build and
upgrade schools, Catholic Education Commission NSW (CECNSW) said today.
New CEO & Board Directors appointed for Catholic Schools NSW
26 July 2017
Catholic Schools NSW - the new state representative body for Catholic education - has appointed Dallas McInerney as its inaugural Chief Executive Officer and six new Board Directors to fill the remaining positions on its nine-person Board.

Catholic education backs NSW Government’s anti-bullying push

24 July 2017
Catholic Education Commission NSW today welcomed the NSW Government’s new
anti-bullying resources, calling them a practical, evidence-based approach to tackling bullying in
all of its contexts.

System schools to lose hundreds of millions in funding

19 July 2017
Non-government schools belonging to systems will lose hundreds of millions of dollars due to an oversight in the Federal Government’s new funding plan that favours independent schools.

Teachers, schools need resources to support students with autism

22 June 2017
The call by Senator Pauline Hanson for students with autism to be removed from mainstream classrooms highlights the need for a better understanding of the resources needed to teach students with a disability, Catholic Education Commission NSW (CECNSW) said today. 

Catholic Education Commission NSW (CECNSW) has welcomed above-CPI increases in recurrent and capital funding for NSW non-government schools in today's 2017 State Budget, especially a 20 per cent boost to capital funding

Former public sector chief to chair new NSW Catholic schools body
24 May 2017
A distinguished former public servant has been appointed to chair Catholic Schools NSW, a new body that will oversight the state's 545 Catholic diocesan schools from next year.
Full text of CECNSW's response to enquiry from Daily Telegraph on surpluses and funding
24 May 2017
ENQUIRY: Why are Catholic schools threatening to increase fees to parents if they are already generating large surpluses?
The Federal Government's funding changes will force primary school fees to rise in some parts of Sydney, by more than double. This due to the proposed removal of an approach called the 'system weighted average' which allows the Catholic sector to meet students' needs while providing a low fee education to all families, whether they live in low, middle or high SES areas. 
Full text of CECNSW's response to enquiry from Australian Financial Review on school funding
15 May 2017
ENQUIRY: The Australian Financial Review provided CECNSW with a list of Catholic schools in low and high SES areas, claiming there were “…many high SES schools which are significantly overfunded compared to the Gonski needs based estimate and many low SES schools which are underfunded. Why is the Commonwealth funding distributed to these schools in wealthy areas of Sydney so high, and funding to these low SES schools so low compared, compared to the Gonski funding estimate? In some cases high SES schools are receiving more Commonwealth funding than low SES schools.” 
NSW Catholic schools want to set the record straight on funding
8 May 2017
NSW Catholic schools will lose millions of dollars in Federal funding in 2018 and beyond due to a change in how school need is calculated, Catholic Education Commission NSW (CECNSW) Acting Executive Director Ian Baker said today.  

New syllabuses will boost Years 11 & 12 study of 'difficult' subjects

21 February 2017
Revised syllabuses will encourage more students to study traditional core subjects in Years 11 and 12, rather than avoid them in favour of so-called 'easier' subjects, Catholic Education Commission NSW (CECNSW) said today. 

Catholic Sector Left Out of year 1 Assessment Discussion
31 January 2017
The National Catholic Education Commission has said the failure to appoint a Catholic educator to the new advisory panel on a year 1 literacy and numeracy assessment means the group might not capture the best possible advice on supporting student learning. The Turnbull Government yesterday announced the six members of the panel that will advise the Education Council, with only one current classroom teacher appointed. NCEC acting executive director Danielle Cronin said Catholic schools are committed to the early assessment of students’ learning, but are concerned about the possibility of a new, mandated assessment that is imposed without sufficient consultation with Catholic education.

'Broad test for broad benefits': Catholic schools leader says

31 January 2017
The introduction of national screening of Year 1 students' literacy and numeracy skills would be a useful tool provided it captured all aspects of early literacy and numeracy skills and any intervention needed was supported by adequate funding, according to Sydney Catholic Schools leader, Dr Dan White. 

New Schools Open as Demand for Catholic Education Grows
30 January 2017
Seven new Catholic schools have opened across Australia this month, reflecting families’ ongoing demand for a Catholic education for their children. As NCEC acting executive director Danielle Cronin explains, dozens of Catholic schools are expected to open in the coming decade to meet that demand, but there is uncertainty about how those schools will be funded.

Ms Cronin has called for the Turnbull Government to lead urgent and consultative discussions with educational stakeholders, including Catholic education, to finalise Commonwealth school funding arrangements for 2018 and beyond.

Catholic education welcomes Rob Stokes, thanks Adrian Piccoli
30 January 2017
Catholic Education Commission NSW (CECNSW) said today it looked forward to working with new Education Minister Rob Stokes to continue the important work carried out by his predecessor, Adrian Piccoli.

“Adrian Piccoli was a constructive, consultative Education Minister who appreciated and supported all school sectors,” CECNSW A/Executive Director Ian Baker said.

“We know from our previous dealings with Mr Stokes as Planning Minister that he is aware of the growth challenges related to schools and we look forward to working with him to develop solutions to meet the rapid growth of the school population in his new role as Education Minister. 

Accuracy and transparency required in schooling cost estimates
17 January 2017
Estimates of the costs associated with school education released by the Australian Scholarships Group (ASG) today appeared to be significantly inflated, said Dr Geoff Newcombe, Chief Executive of the Association of Independent Schools of NSW.