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Program Funding and Responsibilities of the CECNSW and Catholic Block Grant Authority

The Catholic Education Commission NSW (CECNSW) and the NSW Catholic Block Grant Authority (CBGA operates within the Commission structure) administer a number of funded programs on behalf of the Australian and NSW Governments. CECNSW and CBGA sign Agreements with respective government departments and agencies for the receipt and management of program funds to deliver school education to students in Catholic schools and to assist in the achievement of outcomes specified in the Agreements.

CECNSW and CBGA administer and distribute program funds under program legislation, regulation, guidelines and agreements set down by governments, and their departments and agencies. Diocesan Catholic Schools Authorities and Congregational Schools are bound to provide educational and financial accountability reports on all grants received and to have all funding and expenditure independently audited.

Under the administrative charters of both organisations, CECNSW and CBGA provide information and guidance to Diocesan Catholic Schools Authorities and Congregational schools concerning the selection of projects for funding, grant application forms, closing dates, guidelines and reporting and compliance requirements.

Majority funding to NSW Catholic Schools is recurrent funding for school education from the Commonwealth and NSW State Governments.

The document links below are designed to assist Diocesan Catholic Schools Authorities and Congregational Schools to understand and comply with the educational and financial accountability requirements and governance compliance requirements of the Australian Government and the NSW State Government in relation to recurrent funding for school education.

Educational Accountability


Educational Accountability - Australian Government

Guide to the Australian Education Act 2013


Registrations Systems and Member Non-Government Schools /NSW Education Standards 

Financial Compliance and Accountability

Commonwealth and State

Financial Accountability - Australian and NSW Governments

Not-for-Profit Guidelines -  NSW Not-for-profit Guidelines for non-government schools             

Financial Reporting

CECNSW as the Approved System Authority requires Diocesan Catholic Schools Authorities and Congregational Schools to provide financial compliance reporting to acquit their financial accountabilties for funded programs. 

CECNSW provides a secure website, Program Grant Management (PGM), through which Catholic Schools Authorities submit on-line financial reports to acquit program grants.

See below the latest Schedule of Financial Reporting required of Diocesan Catholic Schools Authorities and Congregational Schools and a Summary of Program Compliances.

2017 Schedule PGM Financial Reporting and External Audits

2017 Summary of Program Compliances

Governance Compliance

The NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) which replaced the 
Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards NSW (BOSTES) in 2017, is the education regulatory body of the NSW State Government.  In January 2017 NESA has made further amendments to its requiremetns for the registration of non-government schools in support of the NSW Education Act 1990 and the Australian Education Act 2013. 

Non-government schools are required to have policies and procedures in place for the proper governance of the school which must operate on a Not-For-Profit basis.

NESA School Governance Compliance Requirements

Also refer to the
NSW Education Act Section 83C Not-for-profit requirements and Not-for-Profit Guidelines

NESA approved providers of governance training and courses

This site outlines the BOSTES requirements and includes a list of BOSTES approved training providers including CECNSW. 

In 2017 CECNSW is providing six Online Modules (1 hour each) of Governance Training.

Responsible Persons can access these governance training modules by logging into CECNSW NETID portal on this website home page or click the link below: 

Module 1 - Introduction, Responsible Persons, Proper Governance

Module 2 - Policies and Procedures and two Case Studies

Module 3 - Conflict of Interest, Related Party Transactions, Professional Learning

Module 4 - Induction Process, Independent Audit, Notification of Certain Matters, Case Study

Module 5 - School Culture, Good Governance and Stewardship

Module 6 - Financial Stewardship (in development) 

CECNSW Governance Resource Manual 2016 Updated

CECNSW is providing a Governance Resource Manual 2016 to assist Catholic system and individual school authorities. The manual was developed by AISNSW and is used and updated by CECNSW with permission. 

Catholic Schools Authorities (Diocesan systems) need to determine their governance structures and document the process of delegation to member schools. It is the responsibility of school system proprietors to ensure that 'responsible persons' are identified and trained and records kept of delegations, training and decisions made by responsible persons in each school. 


Funded Programs

CECNSW and CBGA administer a range of government funded programs.  Select from the menu on the left any capital support program managed by CBGA and Education Programs managed by CECNSW.

Other Compliance Areas for Schools

CECNSW coordinates a range of compliance requirements impacting NSW Catholic schools. Advisory guidelines on these compliance areas are listed in the 'Other Compliance' area to the left.

‘Other Compliance’ includes but is not limited to: Work Health and Safety, Student Attendance, Child Protection, Privacy, Copyright and Animal Protection.

There are a number of other funded programs that are supported by government for which schools and educational authorities can apply directly to the government agencies. Details of such programs can be found under ‘program name’ at government department or agency websites. CECNSW and CBGA have no administrative responsibility for programs whose funding is not administered through CECNSW or CBGA.