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Role of Commissioners

Purpose of the Role:

The members of the Catholic Education Commission of New South Wales, are appointed by the Bishops of NSW. The Commission is responsible to the Bishops for acting in accordance with the CEC Charter approved by the Bishops.

The Catholic Education Commission NSW is comprised of appointed representatives of Dioceses, Religious Institutes and educational interest groups who shape, lead, advocate, co-ordinate and represent Catholic Community interests and opinion in statewide education matters. Statewide issues include Australian Government policies and their impact upon NSW Catholic schools.

Key Areas of Accountability:

1. To shape and influence the Commission's agenda:

1.1 Identifying the significant educational issues of the times

1.2 Developing new agenda and initiating and responding to the discussion of issues of significance to Catholic educational interests

1.3 Representing the educational issues of interest and concern to Dioceses, Religious Institutes, Parents and the broader Catholic Community at Australian government, State, COAG and Local levels.

1.4 Participating in the developing of education policy at Australian government, State, COAG and Local levels.

1.5 Generating and engaging in discussions which serve to shape the opinion of the Catholic community on educational issues.

1.6 Developing collaboratively initiatives and strategies which promote the Commission's agenda within the Australian educational and church context.

1.7 Recommending to the NSW Bishops an equitable allocation of education recurrent funds between Diocesan Catholic Schools Authorities.

2. To develop an understanding within the Catholic community of the work of the Commission:

2.1 Taking an educative role in the Catholic community, including with parishes and priests, through the Diocesan Catholic Schools Authorities, Congregational schools and the Conference of Leaders of Religious Institutes NSW (CLRI), in explaining Commission decisions, opinions and activities.

2.2 Promoting a dialogue between interested groups on issues which are significant to the Catholic community.