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There are over 580 Catholic schools operating across NSW that serve a variety of student needs. Depending on which Church body owns and conducts the Catholic schools, they fall under two main categories. Details on all Catholic schools are available from within the NSW Catholic Schools Directory.

Congregational schools

Congregational schools are conducted by the Religious Institutes of brothers, nuns and priests or by their agents. These schools undertake their own administration with some support from the local Diocesan Catholic Schools Authority. Some Congregational schools also provide boarding services.

Diocesan schools

Also known as Systemic schools, Diocesan schools are administered by the 11 Catholic Dioceses (geographical Church entities) in NSW. Each Diocese is headed by a Bishop who, under Canon (Church) Law, has responsibility for the quality of Catholic schools in his Diocese. Bishops exercise this responsibility through their local Diocesan Catholic Schools Authority, which also provide direct administrative and educational support to the schools in the Diocese. All Diocesan schools are day schools.

A further division is between schools who support the education of all students (mainstream schools), and those who support the needs of students with special learning needs (Special Schools). All but one of the special schools is conducted by a Religious Institute. Details on each Special School is available here.

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