Animal Welfare

Other Compliance

CECNSW is the accredited Animal Research Establishment (Schools) for all NSW Catholic schools, under the provisions of the NSW Animal Research Act 1985 and the Animal Research Regulation 1990. Accreditation has now been granted until 18th April 2019. Certificate can be viewed here.

Animal research in NSW Catholic schools is supervised by the NSW Schools Animal Care and Ethics Committee. If you need to contact this committee, email Ian Baker, Director - Education Policy and Programs, at CECNSW.

NSW Catholic schools using animals in any teaching situation need to be familiar with the following key legislation:

For more information please see:

Compliance requirements:

Animal Welfare Guidelines for Teachers

These guidelines provide essential Animal Welfare compliance advice for teachers in all NSW schools. Animals must always be used in teaching and learning in accordance with these guidelines. The guidelines are developed and updated by the joint NSW Schools Animal Care and Ethics Committee (SACEC).

A copy of the guidelines been provided to all NSW Catholic schools, and it can also be downloaded electronically through the link below:

Animals in Schools: Animal Welfare Guidelines for Teachers

Animal Research Authority

The Animal Research Act requires the CECNSW as the Accredited Animal Research Establishment for all NSW Catholic Schools to issue an Animal Research Authority annually to all NSW Catholic schools. The Authority must be made available for inspection by appropriately authorised people including inspectors from the NSW Dept of Agriculture’s Animal Welfare Unit and officers involved with, and members of, the Schools Animal Care and Ethics Committee (SACEC).

Principals are required to complete both pages of the Research Authority. The information on page two must be updated when changes in personnel occur at the school.

Note: The Authority is to be retained by each school (NOT returned to CECNSW)

Animal Research Authority Form (Renewed Annually by CECNSW)

Animal Welfare Liaison Officer

All NSW Catholic schools are required to have an Animal Welfare Liaison Officer (AWLO).

The Animal Welfare Liaison Officer in primary schools is to be the Principal of the school. The Animal Welfare Liaison Officer in a secondary school is to be appointed by the Principal. The AWLO should be the teacher most qualified to supervise the use, by teachers and students, of animals for scientific purposes, including teaching and research, often this is either the Science Coordinator or Coordinator of Agriculture. 

A full description of the role of the Animal Welfare Liaison Officer can be found at
Animals in Schools: Compliance Responsibilities

Use of Tadpoles in Teaching is Regulated

Teachers are also reminded that licence requirements apply to the “collection, observation and release of tadpoles". Read the Tadpole Management Advice and Scientific Licence from Office of Environment & Heritage.