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Trades Skills/Training Centres (TTC)

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The Trade Training Centres in Schools Program is an important element of the Australian Government's Education Revolution. This program has been renamed as the Trades Skills Program.

The Australian Government is providing $2.5 billion over 10 years from 2008 to enable all secondary schools across Australia to apply for up to $1.5 million for Trade Training Centres. The Program assists in improving access, quality and relevance of trade training in schools, which will support increased retention rates in the secondary years of education. Trade Training Centres are also helping to address national skills shortages in traditional trades and emerging industries. Trade Training Centres will provide a greater opportunity for students to make a successful transition to further education and training and the workforce. 

Under the Program, funds are available for major capital works, upgrade of existing facilities and industry standard equipment.

DEEWR’s website gives all the information required by applicants to participate in the program including program guidelines, application procedures and eligibility requirements.

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Compliance requirements:

Policy Change

With the inception of Round 4 in 2011 there was a change in policy. The key change is the move from a competitive application process to a more strategic approach for rolling out future Trade Training Centres. This revised approach has Education Authorities working closely with schools to develop Individual Project Proposals that feed into an overarching Sectoral Strategic Plan. The Australian Government has announced that this program will not be funded following Round Five - Phase One. 

Funding Rounds Nationally

In Round One there were two phases of funding. In Phase One over $90 million was announced and in Phase Two over $335 million was announced.

From Round Two there will be a single funding round each year. Over $384 million was announced for the funding of successful projects in Round Two.

Over $219 million in principle funding was authorised for Round Three in late 2010.

Round Four opened on 29 September and closed on 28 October 2011. On December 2011 DEEWR officially announced successful schools for Round Four. 169 secondary schools will benefit from the more than $176 million announced for the 87 projects approved.

Round Five Phase One approvals were announced in July 2013. Delays have been experienced in the receipt of School Project Agreements. The CBGA is working with the Australian Government Department of Education to expedite the release of contractual documentation to allow approved projects to proceed.   

Each TTC has reporting and requirements linked to milestones of construction dates and educational requirements. During the training obligation period (10 years from date of commencement) and designated use period (20 years from date for commencement) schools are required to report on educational outcomes eg. student numbers and SBATs.

If you have any questions, please contact Kevin Morrison, Coordinator - Capital Grants Programs (Capital Works).