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External HSC VET (EXTVT)

Education Programs - VET

The NSW Minister for Education and Communities makes an annual discretionary allocation of funds to school sectors for payment of external Registered Training Organisations [RTOs] (principally TAFE) for HSC vocational education and training (VET) delivery costs including disability support.

TAFE delivered HSC VET Courses (TVET) are courses, developed or endorsed by the NSW Board of Studies, which senior secondary school students may study at a TAFE NSW institute while completing their HSC at school.

TVET courses are taught by TAFE teachers usually at a TAFE NSW college/campus. As these students are enrolled in TAFE NSW they are subject to student rights, obligations and policies and also receive TAFE NSW credentials on successful completion of their studies. 

Funds are distributed to Diocesan Catholic Schools Authorities and Congregational schools applying a formula endorsed the CEC. Funding for Congregational schools is coordinated by CEC. CEC reimburse schools on a pro-rata basis applying the formula for payments made to TAFE and other providers.

Further information about TVET courses including the guidelines is available, accessing the link below.

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Compliance requirements:

External HSC VET financial reporting is required at the end of the year, and is submitted via the TPFS website, which can be accessed via myCEC.

No reports on educational outcomes of the External HSC VET (TVET) program are required of Dioceses and schools.