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Capital Grants Program (CGP)

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In 1987 the Australian Government introduced ‘block funding’ for the Capital Grants Program for non-government schools. The focus of the Capital Grants Programme is to provide and improve school capital infrastructure particularly for the most educationally disadvantaged students.

The NSW Bishops constituted itself as the incorporated NSW Catholic Block Grant Authority (CBGA) which has responsibility for the distribution of funds under the Australian Government Capital Grants and other capital programs to member Catholic schools in New South Wales. 

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Compliance requirements:

The CBGA annually receives via Diocesan Priority Committees (DPCs) applications for capital grant assistance in a priority order from Diocesan Catholic Schools Authorities and Congregational schools, which are members of the CBGA. The CBGA then ranks projects in accordance with established guidelines and recommends (to the limit of funding available) a number of projects for grant funding to the Australian Government Minister for Education.

For the 2016 Application Round the Key dates are as follows. These dates should be considered provisional.

Opening on 2016 Application Round 21 December 2015
Closing Date for Applications 4 April 2016
State Priority Committee Meeting 1 23 - 25 May 2016
State Priority Committee School Site Visits 6 June - 1 July 2016
State Priority Committee Meeting 2 27 - 29 July 2016
Submission to Catholic Education Commission 14 September 2016
Submission to Commonwealth Education Minister 30 September 2016
CBGA Annual General Meeting 10 November 2016

New applications are to be submitted using the Capital Grants Application Database, which is available through the link below:

Capital Grants Applications Database - Login here

System schools should seek advice from the designated person in their Catholic Schools or Education Office. Congregational schools should contact the CBGA for assistance.

Capital Grants Application Guidelines 2014 (2016 version under revision)

Capital Grants Programme (CGP) for Non-Government Schools - CGP Operating Manual 2016
Please contact Kevin Morrison, Coordinator - Capital Programs if you have any issues