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Road Safety Education (ROADS)

Education Programs - Student Wellbeing

NSW Centre for Road Safety Education of the NSW Transport has agreed to provide funds to the CEC NSW on the terms and conditions set out in the 2011 - 2013 Funding Agreement. NSWCRS/RTA's grant is given in support of the commitment to the reduction of injuries of young people on New South Wales roads through increased road safety education in schools.

The objectives of the Road Safety Education in Schools Program are to:
  • Provide funding, resources, advice and expertise to support schools in the implementation of road safety education as required in the School Curriculum K-12; and
  • Foster greater awareness of road safety issues by teachers, students, parents and members of school communities.
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State Coordinator - Student Wellbeing Programs submits collated Annual Report to Centre for Road Safety. 

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Compliance requirements:

The priority areas of the Road Safety Education in Schools Program for 2012 are:

  • Conduct professional development and follow up support activities for the Stage 5 and 6 resource 'Limiting risks, protecting lives - Choices for novice drivers and their passengers';
  • Participate in the development, writing, trialling and evaluation of an updated K-6 road safety education resource for Stage 3 students;
  • Provide continuing support for the English Resource for Stage 6, 'In the driver's seat - the nature of authority';
  • Provide road safety support for primary and secondary schools as required; and
  • Participate in the planning, scoping and development of new road safety resource components as they arise.