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Indigenous Supplementary Assistance (AE-ISA)

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CEC has determined that Indigenous Supplementary Assistance will continue to be administered as a Targeted Program for the funding period 2010-2012.

CEC has also agreed that Diocesan funding allocations will be calculated applying the following formula: (i) 80 per cent of the funds allocated on a per capita basis; (ii) Loadings are then applied according to two levels of remoteness being remote schools (10 per cent) and to outer regional (10 per cent).

Each Diocesan Catholic Schools Authority has autonomy to expend this funding in the way it determines will best meet Government targets as specified in the CEC’s GRG Agreement. Indigenous funding is an element of Commonwealth Recurrent Funding and as such only 2% of this funding can be expended on Administration Costs. Administration costs are those costs not directly related to the delivery of your Indigenous Education Program.

MCEECDYA Communique (28th Sep 2009)

Indigenous Leadership in Education Institute: Stronger Smarter Summit, Brisbane by Julia Gillard (28th Sep 2009)

Compliance requirements:

At present the CEC’s GRG agreement with DEEWR, specifies the following targets:

  • Raise the Year 12 (or equivalent) attainment rate for all students to 90 per cent by 2015;
  • Halve the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous students in reading, writing and numeracy by 2020; and
  • At least halve the gap for Year 12 (or equivalent) attainment rates between Indigenous and non-Indigenous students by 2020.
CEC is currently developing annual targets for each of these areas. CEC also understands that further targets will emerge from both MCEECDYA and COAG.