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Work Experience

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Work experience is used by schools to give students a taste of what a particular occupation is like. It is often undertaken in Year 10 and it does not form part of any NSW Board of Studies credential.

Students in Year 11 and 12 enrolled in Stage 6 VET Board Endorsed Courses, where Work Placement is not mandatory also have the opportunity to complete an on-the-job Work Experience.

Insurance cover for Work Experience

Work Placement/Work Experience Insurance for 2017 (Summary & Certificate of Currency) 

Two separate policies provide work experience/placement cover for students, schools and employers involved in Work Experience and Work Placement activities.

1. CCI Student Work Experience Personal Accident Policy or Schoolcare Policy
(Each Diocesan Catholic Schools Authority and Congregational school purchases these policies or equivalent)

2. QBE (Australia) Insurance Work Experience/Work Placement Public Liability Insurance Policy
(CEC NSW purchases this policy)

The QBE Certificate of Currency for employer liability cover applies until 31 January 2018.

The Catholic Schools Work Experience/Placement Insurance Summary lists the terms and conditions of insurance cover including activities which are excluded or that require special approval during work placement.

This summary provides only a general overview of available insurance cover; it does not represent legal advice. For precise advice, please consult the relevant CCI or QBE Insurance Policy Documents or contact Gerard Delany, State Coordinator - Vocational Education.

Work Placement/Experience Involving Animal Handling (Memo Ref: 08/14)

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