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Other Compliance

Privacy law compliance advice and policy for all NSW Catholic schools.

Privacy Manual for Schools - Revised August 2017

A Guide to Reporting or Exchanging Personal Information - Revised August 2016

Permission Proforma for the use of Student Photographs - Revised 10th April 2014

Alternative Permission/Consent Statements for Use by Schools

Information Sharing Between Principals and Schools

Consent to use form

This form may be used when seeking consent from parents and students for the use of student's images and/or work on behalf of the School attended by students. In addition, it can be used to seek consent on behalf of NSW Catholic School Authorities and partner media organisations to take and use photographs or video of children and their school activities.

Download consent to use form: Consent to use form

School Photography Guidelines

School Photography Guidelines for Parents and Carers

School Proforma for School Photography Guidelines for Parents and Carers

Compliance requirements: