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Student Wellbeing (STWEL)

Education Programs - Student Wellbeing

The Student Wellbeing Program is a composite CEC program incorporating 3 fiscal year programs that were once funded and managed as 3 separate programs. These programs are:

     1.   NSW Drug Education
     2.   National Schools Drug Education Strategy (NSDES)
     3.   Drug Education Forums
Objectives of this composite program:

To develop the overall wellbeing of students through a variety of approaches: social, emotional, psychological, spiritual and physical. Activities can involve students, teachers, parents and the community.
  • NSW Drug Education (State)  The NSW Department of Health, through the NSW Department of Education & Training, provide funds towards salaries of Diocesan Advisors to manage the drug education in NSW Catholic Schools by: Providing resources, advice and expertise to support schools in the implementation of drug education as required in the School Curriculum K-12; and fostering greater awareness of drug issues by teachers, students, parents and members of school communities.
  • National Schools Drug Education Strategy (NSDES)  The Drug Education Program provides professional learning opportunities for the whole school community with specific focus on alcohol and tobacco as well as illicit drugs used by society today whilst promoting harm minimisation. It aims to increase prevention strategies for Catholic school students in NSW by providing professional development for classroom teachers, pastoral care teams and school management personnel to support State and Federal Government initiatives such as: REDI Tobacco Free Days, The Critics Choice, Drug Action Week activities, Safe Celebrations initiatives and/or supporting local area initiatives together with other agencies.
  • Drug Education Forums  Additional funds are provided for the conduct of forums involving students, school management, parents and community.
Use of Funds:
  • Program 1:  NSW Drug Education funds FTE salaries of Diocesan Advisors who manage delivery of all 3 programs for drug education.
  • Programs 2-3:  NSDES, Drug Forums are funded under the National Education Agreement and provide funds for professional development of school teachers in these curriculum areas and forums involving school and community. 
  • Whole school approaches to student wellbeing incorporating three areas within the health promoting schools framework:  
                    * Curriculum - teaching and learning
                    * Safe & Supportive school environments & ethos
                    * Community Links and Partnerships.
  • Pastoral Care - to provide capacity to build resilient, healthy school communities. 
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Compliance requirements:

  • Consultancy support and professional activities to support the State and Commonwealth Drug Education initiatives;
  • Provision of professional development for classroom teachers, pastoral care teams and school management personnel;
  • Focus on the use and misuse of all drugs by young people, such as alcohol and tobacco, as well as the illicit drugs most commonly used by adolescents;
  • Apply the principle of harm minimisation, which includes abstinence, prevention, and early intervention;
  • Participate in REDI Tobacco Free Days, Drug Action Week activities, Safe Celebrations initiatives and local initiatives; and
  • Utilise drug resources and 'The Critics Choice' in programs across curricula.

State Co-Ordinator - Student Wellbeing Programs collates for the NSW Catholic Sector:
  • Annual Report to NSWDEC for State Drug Education
  • Annual Report for NEA Programs, NSDES and Drug Forums.