Student Wellbeing (STWEL)

Education Programs - Student Wellbeing

The Student Wellbeing Program is a composite CEC program incorporating 3 fiscal year programs that were once funded and managed as 3 separate programs. These programs are:

     1.   NSW Drug Education
     2.   National Schools Drug Education Strategy (NSDES)
     3.   Drug Education Forums
Objectives of this composite program:

To develop the overall wellbeing of students through a variety of approaches: social, emotional, psychological, spiritual and physical. Activities can involve students, teachers, parents and the community.
Use of Funds:
                    * Curriculum - teaching and learning
                    * Safe & Supportive school environments & ethos
                    * Community Links and Partnerships.
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Compliance requirements:

State Co-Ordinator - Student Wellbeing Programs collates for the NSW Catholic Sector: