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Personalised Plans

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PERSONALISED PLANS e-learning program

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This resource has been designed by CECNSW to assist Principals, Teachers and School Support Officers to create effective individual plans for students with disability. This resource will assist staff in understanding requirements and obligations under the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) and its Disability Standards for Education.
After viewing this program, learners should be able to:
·         better understand the Disability Standards for Education 2005 under the DDA
·         describe the purpose of Personalised Planning in documenting adjustments occurring for an individual student
·         explain that Personalised Planning implementation and review process is ‘best practice’ and based on research
·         identify the features of an effective Personalised Plan
·         identify the six domains mapped in each Personalised Plan 
·         describe the criteria associated with each level of adjustment as it relates to a domain
·         demonstrate appropriate judgement in determining which level of adjustment is necessary in relation to each domain
·         suggest goals for the student that are appropriate, i.e. that reflect the interests and ambitions of the  child and his/her parents and that are considered realistic and achievable
·         identify where the Personalised Plan form is located online and how to complete it
·         address legal compliance under the DDA and the Privacy Act.
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