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Disability Discrimination Act eLearning Course

Education Programs - Special Learning Needs

The Disability Standards for Education (DSE) 2005 – eLearning Course

The eLearning course has been designed to develop the learner’s practical skills and strategies in regard to meeting the Disability Standards for Education (DSE) through interactive, experiential learning such as scenario-based problem solving.

All learning material will be presented in eight lessons. All staff are expected to complete at least eight lessons in a chosen module.

Early Childhood, Early Childhood School, Primary, Junior Secondary, Senior Secondary, Educational Leaders. 

To Undertake the Course

  1. Go to
  2. Click on: Create new account
  3. When prompted, your registration key is available by emailing Belinda at 
  4. Fill out the registration details, then follow the prompts to access the appropriate course
  5. Register your details
  6. Log-In Screen - When you need to access the course site again, enter your email address and password
  7. Course Screen - Click on the appropriate tab to take you to topic screen of your selected module
  8. Complete the Pre-Questionnaire
  9. Undertake the Learning Modules
  10. Complete the Post-Questionnaire


The Disability Standards for Education 2005 (‘The Standards’) clarify, and make it more explicit, the obligations of education providers under the DDA and the rights of people with disability in relation to education.

The Standards provide a framework to ensure that students with disability are able to access and participate in education on the same basis as other students.

The Standards cover:

  • Enrolment, parental choice
  • Access and participation
  • Curriculum development, accreditation and delivery
  • Student support services
  • Elimination of harassment and victimisation

The Standards support consultation, negotiation and collaboration between schools, families and services. Such processes need to maintain the dignity, respect, privacy and confidentiality of the student/parent and her/his associates.

Compliance requirements:

Compliance with the Standards requires that:

  • Professional expertise about the disability-specific needs of a student is sought by education staff
  • The parent/student and/or associate of the student is consulted and their views sought about what makes a 'reasonable adjustment'. Adjustments that are least disruptive and intrusive should be negotiated
The University of Canberra has also provided a practical guide for individuals, families and communities. This guide can be accessed at 

For further information, contact: 

Geraldine Gray
State Coordinator - Special Learning Needs
Catholic Education Commission NSW
Ph: 9287-1543