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NSW Education Act S47 Compliance (EAS47)

Other Compliance


In January 2016, the Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards (BOSTES) announced amendments to the requirements for the registration of NSW Catholic schools. The requirements arise from amendments to the NSW Education Act (Section 47) and are outlined in the updated BOSTES manuals:
System authorities should note that the updated Section 5.9.3 of the Manual provides that systemic non-government schools are required to have policies and procedures in place for the proper governance of the school athat are similar to those required for individual non-government schools and that further guidance in this regard will be developed by the BOSTES in consultation with key stakeholders.

The amendments require schools and system authorities to have documented policies and procedures for proper governance , as set out in Section 3.9 (individual schools) and Section 5.9 (school systems) of the BOSTES manuals covering the following:
  • Governance of the school;
  • Conflict of interest;
  • Related party transactions;
  • Professional learning for 'responsible persons';
  • Induction process for 'resoponsible persons'; and
  • Independent audit of annual financial statements
The current versions of the Manual became effective in January 2016.

BOSTES Approved providers of governance training and courses

This site outlines the BOSTES requirements and includes a list of BOSTES approved training providers including CECNSW. 

Governance Resource Manual 2016 Updated

CECNSW is providing a Governance Resource Manual 2016 to assist Catholic system and individual school authorities. The manual was developed by AISNSW and is used and updated by CECNSW with permission. 

Catholic Schools Authorities (Diocesan systems) need to determine their governance strctures and document the process of delegation to member schools. It is the responsibility of school system proprietors to ensure that 'responsible persons' are identified and trained and records kept of delegations, training and decisions made by responsible persons in each school. 

CECNSW is seeking feedback from Catholic sector users as to any amendments to this Governance Resource Manual 2016 which should inform any editorial process. Please provide any feedback to:  

Presentations from CECNSW Workshops

Catholic Education Commission NSW is a recognised BOSTES provider of governance training for Responsible Persons under the NSW Education Act.

Attendees to presentations from CECNSW-convened workshops on school governance issues will be provided access to these presentations after each workshop.

Governance Workshop for Congregational Schools, 27 February 2015

Introduction to Governance for NSW Catholic System and Schools, 1 June 2015

Introduction to Governance for NSW Catholic System and Schools, 12 August 2015

Introduction to Governance for NSW Catholic System and Schools, 23 November 2015

Details about future CECNSW professional development for responsible persons and induction of new responsible persons will be included on this site. 

For more information please see:

Compliance requirements:

Responsible Persons are required to undertake twelve (12) hours of Governance Training over a three year period. Responsibility for keeping records of attendance and ensuring that requirements for training are met rests with the Responsible Person and their employer. BOSTES reserves the right to audit schools to ensure compliance with the provisions of the NSW Education Act 1990.

Responsible Persons are required to undertake an Induction process including BOSTES approved governance training within three months of being appointed to the position. 

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