Responsible Gambling Resource (RGR)

Education Programs - Student Wellbeing

The NSW Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing's - Responsible Gambling Fund in cooperation with the NSW Department of Education have produced a resource for use with Stage 6 students called Responsible Gambling. This new NSW Government resource is designed to assist in teaching senior high school students about the risks of gambling. 

While this resource is a component of the Stage 6 Crossroads program run in NSW Department of Education (government) schools, the Responsible Gambling resource is appropriate for use in NSW Catholic schools with Stage 6 students. There are references to the learning outcomes of DEC's Crossroads Program throughout the document, but these are not relevant for the purpose of using the resource in Catholic schools. The resource may be incorporated, in whole or part, into each school's existing Pastoral Care programs, based on local needs. Where the issue of gambling is one that touches a school community, there are elements of this resource that such a school may find useful. 

Access the Responsible Gambling Resource here.

A complimentary set of video clips which may be used with the resource can be accessed here

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