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CEC NSW is the contracting party on behalf of all NSW Catholic schools for the National Schools Copyright Agreements. The key copyright agreements and licences for schools are those with CAL, Screenrights, AMCOS, ARIA, APRA and Roadshow.

National Copyright Guidelines and the Smartcopying Website

The National Copyright Guidelines have been designed to provide a quick reference guide to copyright issues of relevance to all Australian schools. They are available for download through the Smartcopying website.

The Smartcopying website is the official guide to copyright issues for all Australian schools. In addition to the National Copyright Guidelines, the website provides an increasing number of useful copyright information sheets and resources.

Copyright Management Toolkit

The Copyright Management Toolkit was developed by the Attorney General’s Department of NSW to assist agencies to manage their copyright assets effectively. Effective copyright management requires the creation and implementation of a copyright procedure, which enables teachers and students to use works without breaching copyright.

The Toolkit takes the user through the steps that need to be taken to create and then implement a comprehensive copyright policy. The Appendix provides templates that agencies can use to implement their policy.

National Educational Access Licence for Schools (NEALS)

NEALS is an agreement between State and Territory education departments, as well as Catholic system schools and Congregational schools. Its intention is to allow schools to copy and communicate material for educational use from each other’s websites and publications free of charge. NEALS aims to reduce copyright fees paid by schools under Part VB of the Copyright Act.

NEALS Implementation Kit

Copyright Online Application

CEC has developed an Online Copyright Permission Seeking Tool to facilitate the speed and ease of acquiring copyright permissions. The results are recorded in an online database enabling easy referencing and searching since the permissions obtained are for all Catholic schools in NSW.

Copyright Online Application

Copyright Advice for Teachers

Click to view 'Copyright in a Digital World' presentation by the National Copyright Unit SCSEEC. 

Copyright Information Updates & Resources

Consent to use form

This form may be used when seeking consent from parents and students for the use of student's images and/or work on behalf of the School attended by students. In addition, it can be used to seek consent on behalf of NSW Catholic School Authorities and partner media organisations to take and use photographs or video of children and their school activities.

Download consent to use form: Consent to use form / Permission to use (CNA)

For further information and advice on copyright for schools, contact Ian Baker, Director - Education Policy & Programs.

For more information including advice on digital, e-learning copyright issues, including content repositories, please see

Creative Commons 4.0 Licences

The revised and updated Creative Commons information pack has now been uploaded. It includes information in relation to the new Creative Commons 4.0 licences and new information on CC tools on search engines, new places to find OER. Click here for the information pack.

Quick Guide to Creative Commons 

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